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2016 Meeting


Meeting called to order at 12:06 P.M. on Saturday, May 5th, 2016, Bishop Thannisch presiding. 

The minutes from 2015 were read.  Kenneth Taylor moved, and Jim Greenhalch seconded that minutes be approved as read.  Passed by acclamation. 

Treasurer’s report was read.

Saving’s account:  $4644.79

Checking account:  $1860.70

CD:  $58, 579.32

2015 contributions:$1,480.00

2015 Maintenance:  $900.00

Joe Sparks moved, Jim  Greehalch seconded that we approve the treasure’s repot. Passed by acclamation.

Moved, seconded and passed by acclamation that we keep the same officers.

Old Business:

Michael to continue talking to county commissioner about replacing the sign.

Jim Greenhalch to go through papers and determine our actual legal and tax status and to determine who actually owns cemetery. 

Kenneth Taylor lead us in a discussion about our current problems

1.       Lack of younger people

2.       Overdependence in one or 2 people to do all the work.

3.       Need to set up trust to keep cemetery maintained in case we all die off or become incapacitated.

4.       Need to determine who actually owns cemetery

5.       Need t determine our legal authority.

6.       Need to determine our tax status vis a vis the Federal government.

Jim Greenhalch to go through paper work that was left by Evelyne.

New Business:  We discussed the possibility of ayong someone to come in and level some of the taller stones.

Sharon Taylor moved, Flor Greenhalch seconded that we  adjourn until May 5, 2017.  Approved unanimously


Joe and Peggy Sparks

Sylvia Bandy

Michael Thannisch

Sandra Underwood,

Jim and Flor Greenhalgh

Kenneth & Sharon Taylor


2014 Meeting

Our annual meeting was called to order about 1:01 PM.

Meeting called to order by Michael Thannisch

Treasurer's report:  

Savings Account:  $4626.00

Checking Account: $495.71

CD: $57,991.05

Last year we spent $1200.00 for mowing.  Our income was $1237.00

OB:  Some discussion as to changing the CDs to bonds or something else.  Consensus was anything that brought in more money would be much more risky.

It is requested that members submit lists of known relatives to supplement our list for sending letters to.  We could also  use email addresses. Fifty letters were sent out.

NB:  There is some question as to what happened to the sign.  May be temporarily removed due to road work.  

We need to go  through our paper work and find out if we have a deed to cemetery.   We also need to investigate if we have paper showing we are a 501 C3.

If the county owns the cemetery, they are required to maintain the road. 

 Also some discussion on getting younger people to join our group.

Jim Greenhalgh was elected President, Sharon Taylor as treasurer, and Michael Thannisch elected secretary, all by acclamation. Kenneth Taylor to remain a signatory to bank accounts,


Meeting adjourned about 3:00.

Those attending:

Michael Thannisch                          KennethTaylor

Don R. Adams                                Ray Bearden

W.H. "Dub" Beardem                       Diane Bearden Larsen 

Helen Bearden                                Sharon Taylor

Sylvia Bandy                                    Jim Greenhalch

Florencia Greenhalch


Submitted:  May 5th, 2014 by Bishop Michael Joe Thannisch



2015  Meeting


Meeting called to order @ 11:54

 Minutes were read from 2014.  Don Adams moved and Sharron Taylor seconded approval of minutes, which were unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Savings Account: $4635.48

Checking Account:  $1630.71

CD:  58,296.00

Maintenance and mowing costs:  $900.00

Donations:  1237.00

Larry Henderson move, Don Adams seconded that we accept the treasurer’s report.


Larry Henderson moved, Don Adams seconded that we keep the current officers and current signatories on accounts.

Old Business:

The sign is still missing.   Michael Thannisch will investigate.

We are still not sure as to the status of land title.

It was suggested we get a quick title from the county, but we need to investigate.

New Business: 

Sharron Taylor moved, Larry Henderson seconded that we retreat the table and seats with Thompson Water seal, or something like that.  Approved by acclamation.

Those attending:

Sharron Taylor

Don Adams

Ruth Adams

Larry Henderson

Bishop Michael Joe Thannisch


Don Adams moved, Sharron Taylor seconded that we adjourn meeting.

We will reconvene, May 7, 2016


May 4, 2013

The meeting was called to order shortly after 1:00 PM on this day, Kathryn Greenhalgh presiding.  

Kenneth Taylor wanted to know if we would like to spray the fence line, but consensus was against it. 

Gene Edwards has been helping Kenneth with work around cemetery, and it is time to prune again.  There were 2 internments this year.  Our cemetery is at high risk because of isolation. 

We have found most of the CDs and they have been consolidated into one CD.  the bank did not charge us for this and have been most helpful in getting the work done. 

Don Adams moved and Sylvia Bandi seconded that we keep current slate of officers, Kathryn Grenhalgh as president, Jim Greenhalgh as Treasurer and Michael Thannisch as secretary.   Approved unanimously.

Michael Thannisch moved and it was seconded and approved that we set up a pay pal account.  Kathryn will set up the account for electronic access and Michael Thannisch will set up the Pay Pal account.

We also discussed asking county to put in another cattle guard.  

Don Adams moved and Kenneth Taylor seconded that we adjourn.  Next meeting, 1st Saturday in May at noon.  

Attending were:  Bishop Michael Joe Thannisch, Larry Henderson, Myrna Hendrick, Sylvia Bandy, Bryce Bandy, Sharron Taylor, Jack and Ann Edwards, Kenneth Taylor, Don R. Adams, Kathryn Greenhalgh,  Don Goodman, W.H. Dub Blandy, Raymond Terry Bearden and Gene Edwards.

Additional donations received were:

$ 50.00      Bryce Bandy

$ 50.00     Raymond Bearden

$ 40.00     Don Adams

$100.00     Kenneth & Sharon Taylor

$   7.00     Myrna Hendrick

$100.00     Lary Henderson

$100.00     George Thannisch

Respectfully submitted May 4, 2013 at 11:57 P.M.





May 7th, 2011

Saturday, May 7 , 2011
1:00 PM
Discussion of funds brought in and dispersement of funds.  Everything is kept in the red ledger.  (Payment for mowing is 3 - 6 times per year depending on rain.)  We are using a new mowing service - pricing is higher.  Travis Van Remmin is the person mowing the cemetery now.
Discussion of persons being buried and collecting fees - a person was recently buried without paying a fee...trying to figure that out.
Discussion of nominating a new president of the cemetery association.  Kathryn Greenhalgh will take over duties from Jim.  Paul Bandy will also be assisting. 
Meetin adjourned at 1:30.
Side note - need a base of people to contribute in order for the cemetery to continue to be maintained.  Also need to look for the deed of this land.

May 1st, 2010


Meeting called to order at 12:44, Jim Greenhalgh presiding at the Santo East Cemetery.


In attendance were:  Diane Bearden Larsen, Helen Bearden, Florencia & Jim Greenhalch, Kenneth & Sharron Taylor, Don R. Adams, W. H. Bearden, Sylvia Bandy, and Michael Joe Thannisch.


New Business:  Charlie Edwards who has been mowing with us has cancer, and will no longer be mowing.  We have tried several other people and it is likely that from now on it will cost $350.00 per mowing.  Normally we mow 3-5 times per year, depending on rainfall.  At the new higher price, combined with the interest paid, together with donations, we will only be able to mow three times this year. 


We will be checking with sheriff and the FFA.  Problem with prisoners is lack of equipment. 


There is some serious tree trimming that needs to be done.  We will call a work day soon to take care of this.  Kenneth Taylor will be in charge of this.    


We currently have some 12 CDs, and it was resolved that over the course of time we will consolidate to have two CDs, eliminate the savings account and replace the checking account with a money market account.  This will help make bookkeeping easier.


We still have a lack of younger people participating.  We need to change that.  Bishop Thannisch will be setting us up with a home page and a face book account.  Once we have a money market account set up, we will set up Pay Pal so that people may contribute by Pay Pal.  We will also connect to the country genealogical site. 


Sylvia Bandy will be contacting families of those who are not contributing. 


Jim Greenhalgh was unanimously elected as president treasurer, and Bishop Thannisch as secretary.


Next meeting will be next year on Saturday, the 7th of May, 2011 at 12:00 at the Santo East Cemetery.  If it is raining the meeting will be held at Kenneth Taylor’s house:

1792 FM 2201

Santo, TX


Next year, we will announce the meeting in the Mineral Wells Daily Index, for which there is no charge


Meeting adjourned at 1:30 PM on May 1, 2010


Respectfully submitted,


Bishop Michael Joe Thannisch


May 2nd 2009


The Meeting was called to order at 12:06, Jim Greenhalgh presiding.

Do to possibilities of accidents, it was decided that it would be appropriate to add additional signatories to the Association accounts.


It was moved and unanimously approved that Kenneth F. Taylor and Paul Bandy would be added as signatories to the SECA accounts.


Moved by Michael Thannisch and unanimously approved that Jim Greehalgh be elected president/treasurer.


Moved and unanimously approved that Bishop Michael Joe Thannisch continue as secretary. 


Old Business:  Many of the grave stones have been leveled so as to keep them from falling over, as proposed last year.  There seems to be a problem with stones falling over still, and it was suggested that this could be from fire ants undermining the stones. 

Moved and unanimously approved that we treat the cemetery for fire ants.  There was some discussion on the best way.  It was resolved that poison would be bought so that Charlie could drop it on the mounds as he was mowing. 


Mentioned in passing, our CDs are bringing in very little at this time. 


Meeting was closed for lunch.  Next meeting will be the first Saturday in May, 2010 at noon. 


Those attending the meeting were:


Jim Greenhalch                         Florencia Greenhalch

Kathryn Greenhalch                              Don. R. Adams

Sylvia Bandy                                        W. H. Bearden

Paul Bandy                                           Kenneth Taylor

Bryan Bandy                                        Sharon Taylor

Michael Joe Thannisch




Bishop Michael Joe Thannisch,

Secretary, Santo East Cemetery Association.



May 1st, 2004


Due to inclement weather, the meeting was held at the house of Evelynn  King, past president, treasurer, etc.

Meeting called to order @ 14:20.  In attendance were:  W.H. “Dub” Bearden, Jr., Michael  Joe Thannisch, Janie Thannisch, Don R. Adams, Evelyn King, Jim Greenhalgh, and J.R. Johnston.

Moved, seconded and acclaimed Jim Greenhalgh as both President and Treasurer of the Association.  Moved, seconded and acclaimed, Michael Joe Thannisch as secretary of the Association.

Minutes from last meeting read.

Treasurer’s report:   

CD:  $52,026.54

Savings:  $2,304.09

Checking:  $175.84

Main expense is mowing @ $160.00 per mowing.  Donations this year were about on par with expenses. 

Old Business: 

Discussed problem of other small cemeteries in the area of filling up with people from Ft. Worth etc. looking for free or cheap cemetery space.  We came up with a set of rules last year.  Rule was modified as follows:

To be buried in the Santo East Cemetery, you must have a family member within third degree of consanguinity who is buried there, or be a resident of the Santo Community.  Only officers can assign placement, and there will be a $250.00 plot assignment fee.

Note:  Jim, at his own expense razed the old shelter and tables and replaced them with a new metal roof and tables on a concrete slab.  It is very nice.

New Business:

Plotting out cemetery was discussed.  This would be a good Eagle Scout project.  Because of being local, Jim will be in charge of plots and of placing a sign on the cemetery gate with either the rule, or a notice that he must be contacted before anyone can be buried there.

Next year:  Meeting will be held the first Saturday of May @ 10:30 AM. The meeting will be held at the cemetery unless there is inclement weather, and Jim will find us n alternative meeting spot just in case.

Meeting was adjourned at about 15:30.


Submitted by Michael  Joe Thannisch, OSL, SSTR.




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